Mission Statement


*As a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, my mission is to inspire positive changes in people around the world by providing psycho-spiritual services that  empower and enlighten people to replace thoughts & feelings associated with fear, attack, and judgement with thoughts & feelings associated with love, peace and forgiveness. 

*As an ordained Interfaith Minister, my mission is twofold:- First, to provide spiritual direction and guidance to people of all beliefs who seek to find their way to a deeper understanding of themselves, others, & the world; to connect with love/energy/God  or whatever higher power/universal force in which they believe; and - Second, to perform ministerial services including vow renewals, commitment ceremonies, home & office blessings, as well as blessing of animals.  All are welcome with an open mind, open heart, and open arms. 

*As a Facilitator/Follower of A Course in Miracles & Spiritual Director, my mission is to guide you to the truth of what you are, empower your ability to manifest miracles in your life, encourage you to choose the experiences you want to manifest, and offer you the love, peace and  forgiveness that heals, blesses and leads to Atonement [At-One-Ment]. ​​A miracle is merely a shift in  thought/ perception from fear to love.